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Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers
Stock: In Stock Model: ST22010856
Features: 1. This product can safely accurate measurement of the gas capacity, according to the temperature of the gas. Temperature range for - 10℃ to 120°C, can show the different colors of blue, green, brown, with green marks the right temperature, and can be recycled for a long time. 2...
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011230
Features:Easily detect three main substances: CO2, temperature, humidityIt can be used in a variety of scenarios: home air detection, car air detection, maternal and child room air detection, and public place detection.Environmentally friendly material, more comfortable to use.The compact design mak..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011287
Feature:1. Long-life alloy slurry ceramic ozone chip, supporting a dedicated integrated power module, good heat dissipation.2. Pure copper blower, large air volume, easy heat dissipation and ozone diffusion.3. With timer switch function, easy operation for 5-60min.4. Sterilization function. Drainage..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22010857
Specifications:Product Name: 110V Ozone Generator 10000mg/h Ozone Disinfection Machine Air PurifierMaterial: Stainless steel acrylicColor: SilverPower: 80WInput voltage: 110VFrequency:50HzOzone output: 5g/10g/15g/20g/24gPlug: US plugOzone output: 10000mg / hSize:15*1..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011888
Type 1: Output: 5gType 2: Output: 10gType 3: Output: 15gType 4: Output: 20gType 5: Output: 20gFeatures:Take advantage of high voltage, use dry air or oxygen in the air as material to produce ozone.2 layers design with rapidly sterilization, it it effectively kill bacterial propagules and spores, fun..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011140
Note: air-cooled, you need to add a fan to use heat. It is recommended that the size of the cooling fan is 120 mm or more, and the air volume is 2 cubic meters for more than one minute. Features: - Suitable for dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, electronic shoe cabinet, air purifier, etc.- This ozone ..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011175
Description:【UV Cell Phone Sanitizer 】Germicidal UV light eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Dual UV bulbs, Sanitizes your device in less than 8 minutes, Protect yourself and those closest to you by sanitizing your phone regularly. This smartphone sterilizer box to kill 99.9% of common hous..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011099
Specification: Name: High Pressure Steam Cleaner MachineModel: E84169Material: Plastic&MetalMachine Size: 17x8x6cmInlet Pipe Length: 1.3mPower Cable Length: 1.8mSteam Pipe Length: 2mVoltage: AC 220VPower: 2000WWater Consumption: 120ml/minSteam Pressure:>5KGF/CM2Working Temperature: >100℃Features: -..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011725
Features: Applied to dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, electronic shoe cabinet, air purifier and so on. This ozone generator is portable, easy for professional DIY use. Low power consumption, so it will help you to save power. Safe, quiet and efficient. Take adva..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012220
Feature:--The indoor atomization and anti-bacterial machine (atomization machine) connected to 220V power supply, open the warm-up for 3 minutes, to be the handle button light,said atomization machine can work.--Handle operation: press the handle to the button button, atomization machine work;releas..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012274
Features:- With timer switch function, easy operation for 5-60min.- This ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask mal odors like some air purifiers, it DESTROYS odors.- The oxidation process breaks down the molecular structure of bacteria, and bad odors, thereby neutralizing them.Specific..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011377
Ozone disinfection sterilization machine for the goods utilizing by light discharge principle of ozone to the air as prime material, creeping discharge technology jerks release of high concentrations of ozone. Ozone is one of the strongest known oxidant, at certain concentrations, it can quickly kil..
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