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You may refer our delivery information for the countries we ship to and the rates and estimated delivery time.

The prices of our products vary according to the weight, size, location, shipping method, and warehouse you selected. You can view the estimated shipping fees on each product page and at checkout(The final shipping fee might be DIFFERENCE, please pay closer attention to your mail box. Our customer service team will notify you if there is any issue.)

-Ensure to have selected the correct delivery country in the“Ship to”field on the top of each page;

-Choose a shipping method;

Shipping fees paid during checkout do not include taxes and import duties.

We are not able to include import tax also because tax policy will be different countries and will change frequently. Your parcel may be subjected to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes will be in accordance with local regulations.

If taxes and/or duties are incurred for your parcel, you will be responsible to cover the fees before delivery can proceed.​​​

If your order has not been shipped yet, you can cancel or modify your order by going to the "My orders" page. You can cancel physical items or orders that haven't entered the shipping process yet.

Confirm that your order is cancelled

After submitting the cancellation, you'll receive a confirmation message on the screen. 

Cancel items is not available

If you do not see Cancel items besides the order you want to cancel, Sunthen may have already shipped it.

If cancel option ts not available (because another carrier shipped this order). You will be requested to return it to our warehouse to get refund.

If it is shipped already, please place a new order and just return the unwanted items when you receive them.​​​

Due to the global chips shortage, related products may be out of stock at anytime. We are not able to follow up on every single item. In this case, we will send a confirmation mail to you first. 

If we do not get a reply in 5 working days, your order will be canceled automatically.

The processing time varies from place to place according to your method of payment and regional policy. You can consult us individually to get the corresponding reply. We will try our best to return the refund amount to your payment account ASAP. Refunds will be returned to the payment account within 5 business days.  If it doesn't get it in time, please contact us freely. 

After your order is shipped, your will receive another email from us with the tracking information.

You can find tracking information in your order details. If an order includes multiple items, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

Some packages, such as standard international deliveries, aren't trackable.

If the estimated delivery date for your package has passed and your tracking information hasn't changed, allow an additional day or two for the package to be delivered. 

Here are some reasons why tracking information may not be available:

-The first package scan may be on arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This is common when shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. Until this first scan, the carrier may not acknowledge receipt of the package.

-The first package scan may not be until delivery.

-There may be a delay in updates to the tracking database.

-Some shipments, such as Standard International shipments, aren't trackable.

-Marketplace sellers don't always provide us with tracking information for their orders.

If the estimated delivery date for your package has passed, and your tracking information hasn't changed, allow an additional day or two for the package to be delivered. Usually, packages arrive on or shortly after the estimated delivery date.

Possible reasons for late delivery include the following, you could contact us by [email protected] to check the status or call the local express service to check. 

-Incorrect address

-Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number

-Severe weather conditions

-International customs procedures

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it within 48 hours of expected delivery, we suggest you follow the following guide:

-Verify the shipping address in Your Orders.

-Look for a notice of attempted delivery.

-Look around the delivery location for your package.

-See if someone else accepted the delivery, unless you have health or safety concerns about doing so.

-Some packages travel through multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

-Wait 48 hours. In rare cases, packages may say delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.

Note: Some carriers may deliver until 10 pm.

Below are some steps and suggestions on how you can solve this issue:

-Check your shipping address and phone number for delivery.

-Contact local delivery provider with the tracking number.

All orders reported as "delivered" by shipping companies are considered delivered. Sunthen cannot be made liable for non-delivery in this case. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us without hesitation.

Occasionally, packages are returned to us as undeliverable.

When the carrier returns a package as undeliverable, we automatically begin issuing a full refund (including shipping charges, except for some handling charges). You receive an email confirming the return and refund details within 48 hours of the undeliverable scan. For information about the time it takes to process your refund, go to Refunds.

Note: To see the refund status of your order after the item was returned to us, go to Your Orders.

A package might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons:

-The address is incorrect or outdated. Usually, the package is stored for a period that can vary depending on the courier who holds it and then returns it to us. Double-check the address carefully when placing your order.

-Our system doesn't recognize the way an address was entered, or the package was assigned to a carrier that can't deliver to that address.

-You used a restricted address. If you send the order to a prison, correctional facility, or other similar institution, the products and/or the carrier responsible for delivery may be subject to specific restrictions.

-The carrier attempted delivery but failed. Most of our carriers make more than one attempt to deliver a package. If they find that they can't successfully deliver your package, they'll return it to us.

-The recipient refused the delivery. A gift recipient who isn't expecting a gift may refuse a package if they believe it's being delivered to them by mistake. In this case, we'll refund the gift purchaser and let them know by email. If you want to place a new order for the gift, you may want to let the recipient know that a surprise is on the way.

-The address was illegible. In rare cases, address labels may become impossible to read in transit. If that happens, a carrier will return the package to us.

-The package was damaged in transit. If a package is damaged while it's on its way to you, the carrier may return it without attempting delivery.

We can't re-ship orders that carriers return to us as undeliverable. If you still want to purchase items that were undeliverable, place a new order on our website.

If you suspect your order can't be delivered as addressed, and you haven't received confirmation of its return or refund four weeks after from the estimated delivery date, please contact us.

If you are unable to accept the package and the package is returned, we will not charge any fees and issue a full refund after we receive our package.

If you received a DAMAGED product, please take a picture first, and DO NOT OPEN IT! Contact our customer service team for help. We are always more than happy to serve.

If you received a package that is not as described on our product page. Please contact our customer service team for help.

If you return an item requesting a refund within 35 days of the item being delivered to you, It can take up to 25 days for an item to reach us once you return it. After we receive the item at our warehouse, allow up to 5 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account.

we'll give you a full refund by way of the original payment method. For details please refer to our return policy.

We don't offer exchanges. If you would like a different size or colour, please return your unwanted item and place a new order.​​​

Fill in the return form in our website and take the package to your nearest collection points.

We are from China and all our products are made in China as well.​​​ To know more about us, please refer to

Currently we do not have any physical stores and are selling online only.​​​