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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011873
Description:FOCW● Thick non-woven wipe material, lint-free and dust-free● The breakpoint is clear and easy to tear, fast and convenient to use, and reasonable control of the amount of use● Portable pull-out design to avoid cross-contamination● Replaceable cleaning core, economical● Soft texture, wet..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012204
Features: Aluminum alloy is forged and durable. LASER imported laser head, strong light source, strong penetrability and outstanding stability. Three stage sliding switch design, arbitrary control. Suitable for SC FC ST interface. Replaceable ceramic core design to extend serv..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22010974
Description:It is used to detect optical fiber breakpoints, and is used in the construction and maintenance of integrated wiring, production and research of optical c-omponents and other optical fiber engineering.Features:Lightweight and portable for easy carrying and comfortable hold.Longer penetra..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012134
Features: 1、Support linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dB) showing at the same time.2、Support auto power-off3、Support backlight ON/OFF4、Support self calibration by user himself5、Support SC, FC interface, ST interface (optional)6、Charging unplugged working time 48 hours (optional)7、Sup..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011798
Features: Size: Approx. 16x8.6x2.6cm/ 6.30x3.39x1.02" Open. short wire testing 9V Alkaline battery powered (Not included) Clear reading for wire status Can test RJ11/ RG45/ USB Fast speed in testing BNG terminator 25 Ohm/ 50 Ohm indications Straight or crossover indication Battery good or..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012230
Description:Optical Fiber Identifier is an important tool for optical fiber network maintenance, which is used for nondestructive fiber identification work, can be detected in any location of both SM and MM fiber.Features:Direction indication of optical signal, for single mode and multi-modeAutomati..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011494
Features:  Fully installed, direct to use and labor-saving. Well-sealed caps & pipes, leak-proof, non-deformed, never loose. Professional pressure guage for safe-area indication, pressure watching. Decompression automatically for safer usage and operation. Cheap, simple to cre..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012179
Features:100% quality and Brand new.Connect RED clip to + terminal and BLACK clip to - terminal of the power source of the circuit under test. the supply voltage should not exceed 18v DCFor TTL and DTL, set the upper select switch to the side marked "TTL". for COMS, set the upper select..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011050
Features:1. LCD visual display2. Three hunting modes (withstand voltage 60V)3. Anti-noise vibration mode4. With POE hunting function4. The switch lamp is blinking5. Can measure battery voltage, POE voltage6. Continuity test7. A variety of alignment methods, adjustable speed8. Hunting dual audio sele..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22012255
Description: BSIDE FWT11 RJ11 RJ45 Telephone Wire Tracker Tracer Toner Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester Detector Line Finder Continuity Check This instrument is a multi-functional handheld cable testing tool. It has wide application with reinforced cable types and multiple functions..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22011664
This Telephone Wire Tracker is easy to operate with smooth appearance. It's a multi-functional handheld cable testing tool to determine whether the cable line is continuous. It can identify the state in the working telephone line(clear,ring,busy). A professional & safe tool for wireman.Features:..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ST22010750
Features Description:1. Advanced and easy-to-use socket tester. Quickly and intelligently measure whether the socket connection line is correct. And through the fully backlit screen, various wiring status can be clearly displayed, even in a dark environment. Moreover, it is small in size and light i..
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